Thank you for a successful CSA season in 2014.


If you would like to be put on a list for information about CSA 2015, contact us here.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. With a Clay Bottom Farm CSA share, that means:

  • a weekly meal in an attractive box, complete with a recipe, direct from a farm
  • healthy, quick snacks (like carrots and radishes)
  • a way to support local and sustainable agriculture
  • a way to enter the story of a farm


We are unique because we offer a meal in a box, including a salad dish (fresh greens like salad mix, spinach, microgreens, and artisan head lettuce) along with ingredients and a recipe for a main dish. Together, we restore a piece of the earth, and eat healthy food while we’re at it!


Besides greens, other seasonal items in the CSA boxes include heirloom tomatoes, colored peppers, carrots, onions, zucchini, kale, fresh ginger, garlic, and more.  To see a full list, click here.

June has been a lush month this year, with steady rains.

Our farm system relies on creating healthy, organic soils to grow nutritious, colorful food.


Thank you for supporting a local farm!


Ben holds a typical CSA Full Harveset Share box–salad/leafy greens + 8-9 fresh produce selections. 2/3 Share boxes include salad/leafy greens + 4-5 fresh produce selections.


  • We are a CSA-centered farm: we design our farm and decide what to plant based on filling CSA boxes with our best food. As extra food is available, we also sell to area restaurants, the Maple City Market, and the Goshen Farmers Market.
  • Most food harvested within 24 hours of delivery. Images of our food, click here.
  • All shares include top quality, in-season fruit from local orchards
  • All shares include a blog newsletter with recipes and storage tips.  What’s for dinner? We’ll help you figure that out!  Browse past newsletters here.




Goshen: 923 S 7th St, anytime Friday 5 pm to Saturday noon (please pick up during daylight hours)
Warsaw: 801 Canal St, Saturdays noon-6 pm
Farm: 11434 CR 34 Goshen, anytime Friday 5pm to Saturday noon (please pick up during daylight hours)
Warsaw pick-up customers take turns doing the delivery of those boxes from our farm to the pick up location.  (We coordinate the rotation list.  You may be asked to help pick up once or twice per season. If you can’t deliver, no worries, it’s not a requirement for membership). 


Example of a typical CSA box:


Salad mix  A blend of fresh-cut baby lettuces, washed and ready to use.  We specialize in fresh-cut greens.


Tomatoes  This year we are offering a variety of heirloom tomatoes, in addition to our meaty red and yellow tomatoes.


Peaches, blueberries, apples  In-season, high-quality fruit direct from orchards in the area.


Winter squash  Butternut, acorn and other squashes for your Fall feasts.


Japanese turnips  A favorite of past CSA customers, these are sweet salad turnips that you can eat fresh like radishes.  Great snack.


Carrots  As the nights get colder, the carrots get sweeter.


Colored peppers  Red and yellow sweet pepper that add color to any meal.


Not sure you can use it all?  Share with a friend!


What if I am away on vacation?

If you will be gone for two weeks or more during the CSA season, talk to us about a pro-rated CSA share.  If consistent pick-up will be difficult for your schedule, consider signing up with a friend.

Is your food organic?

We are committed to both the philosophy and practice of organic farming and use organic growing methods on our farm.  We are not certified organic because of the increasing certification costs for small farms such as ours.


We estimate that 80-90% of what’s in the CSA is from our farm.  The remaining items are from other local farms. The reason we partner with other farms is because we simply don’t have room in the fields for every crop, our time is limited, and we feel like it enhances the boxes to offer more variety. Food supplied from other farms is organic as much as possible.  Much of the fruit is not organic, though we partner with orchards that use minimum-spray approaches.


You can also purchase smaller quantities from us at our booth at the Goshen Farmers Market.


Thank you for your support!






Clay Bottom Farm

We are an artisan farm located 7 miles east of Goshen, Indiana. We are young people dedicated to sustainable agriculture and to providing customers high quality local fruits and vegetables. Our CSA (community supported agriculture) serves Goshen, Elkhart, Middlebury, Warsaw and South Bend. We also have a booth at the Goshen Farmers Market.

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