Free Paperpot Webinar with Ben Hartman
Thursday, March 7, 4-5:30pm EST
(3pm CST/2pm MST)

Learn how you can incorporate the paperpot system on your farm.

An exclusive online webinar with Ben Hartman, author of The Lean Farm and The Lean Micro Farm (2023).

Sign up for this free webinar and receive focused, practical advice on how to incorporate the paperpot planting system to benefit a high-profit micro farm. Especially for market growers, in urban or rural settings--or anyone looking to lean up their current transplanting operation.

March 7, 4-5:30pm EST (3pm CST/2pm MST) - Free!

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What you will learn in this webinar:

  • paperpot pros and cons - is the paperpot seeding and transplanting system right for you?¬†
  • learn how you can incorporate¬†the paperpot system into your small-scale farm - see Ben demonstrate how he uses it at Clay Bottom Farm
  • how to seed using the paperpot system and hemp paper chain pots
  • the economics of paperpot transplanting
  • tips for bed preparation and lean tips for using the paperpot transplanter

Why use the paperpot transplanting system?

  • allows one person to do the work of many people, in less time
  • reliable and¬†easy-to-learn system, allowing you to efficiently and effectively germinate seeds and transplant seedlings
  • non-mechanized person-powered system
  • cutting-edge transplanting technology
  • customizable system can be used for growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, and more

Components of the paperpot transplanting system used at Clay Bottom Farm:

  • paper chain pots
  • paperpot germination trays and solid bottom trays
  • spreader frame
  • paperpot dibble board
  • drop seeder
  • tranplanter
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Join Ben on March 7

Learn how to incorporate a new lean technology on your small-scale farm to efficiently meet your production goals

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This event is free, thanks to sponsorship from Nitten, with assistance provided by SmallFarmWorks.

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