Lean CBD Hemp Production

Get into the game. Hemp + lean + Ben Hartman = an online course you don't want to miss. Designed for beginning growers.

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CBD Economics

The course starts with lessons about the money economy in hemp. It's a fast-changing market, and it pays to know the players in the game, and where the opportunities and pitfalls lie.

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Lean hemp growing

Ben will show you his lean, low-till hemp-growing technique so that you are profitable in year one.

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Drying, processing, and selling your own CBD

Learn how to harvest and cure the crop so you don't waste a season of work. Hemp is a specialty crop and this is essential knowledge.

What's included

  • 18 video lessons showing how to earn a high return on CBD hemp (and how to avoid the pitfalls)
  • Specifics on everything: site selection, low-till soil building, compost, weed-free hemp farming, harvesting, and selling strategies
  • Direct access to Ben: he answers all questions posed through the course platform on a weekly basis
  • Downloadable cheat sheet
  • Cutting-edge information: Clay Bottom Farm is one of the most respected small farms in the nation
  • Accessible information: the course is designed for beginners
  • Ad-free: only the information you want, with none of the advertising or promotions
  • Lifetime access: you get access to all of the lessons for as long as the course is online

What in the course?

Take a dive into the course with this preview video.

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Ann D.

If you are serious about sustainable farming no one provides better knowledge, experience, and credibility than Ben. This applied to hemp is extraordinary.

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Ross S.

I most enjoy Ben’s ability to break down this information into terms that are easy for a grower to understand.

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Jeremy C.

The amount of information shared was phenomenal, especially in such a young, emerging market. I highly recommend.

Lean CBD Hemp Production Course: Buy Now for $225
Lean CBD Hemp and Masterclass Course Bundle: On Sale through October 31
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