Lean Market Growing Masterclass

Lean + Ben Hartman's growing system

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Totally Unique

The most comprehensive online course in market growing, combining the lean management system and Ben Hartman's cutting edge growing methods. 

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Smaller and Smarter Farming

A focus on efficient techniques and focused microfarm management so that you are profitable in year one.

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More than 100 video lessons, shot on the farm during the growing season, showing you all the details of our high-profift, 1/2-acre farm.

What's included

  • More than 100 video lessons showing how to earn a comfortable living on 1/2 acre farm
  • Specifics on everything: site selection, low-till soil building, compost-making, low-till soil building, weed-free farming, harvesting, and pull-system selling strategies
  • How-to-grow tomatoes, salad greens, peppers, ginger, carrots, and a whole lot more
  • Downloadable content like chef contact sheets, production cheat sheets, and building plans for our barn-house
  • Condensed quick-review summary slides of the course content for quick, convenient learning
  • Cutting-edge information: Clay Bottom Farm is one of the most respected small farms in the nation
  • A community of learners: discuss the course with fellow learners with built-in forums.
  • Lifetime access: you get access to all of the lessons for as long as the course is online

Farm With Focus

This course is about how to earn higher profits with less work and less waste. The key is focusing on value.

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Lean, not mean

Lean will not strip the soul out of your farm. Just the opposite. Lean is about getting rid of waste--so that you have time and energy to focus on what you and your customers value. While we focus on certain crops over others, we still grow dozens of varieties, and we preserve time for rest, relaxation, and creativity, which are as important to sustainability as efficiency and productivity. 

What's in the course

Take a dive into the course. Here's a preview.

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Jackson H.
Phoenix Farm
McLeansville, North Carolina

Ben's lean farming course has been of tremendous value and influence on my farm and my life.  On the surface, "lean" may sound boring and unromantic, detracting from the heart of farming, but it does just the opposite.  It makes farming manageable and fun, allowing me to do the bulk of my farming in just 3 days a week so I can spend the rest of my time being a good husband and father, vacationing, and enjoying other pursuits for a well-rounded lifestyle!

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Peter H.
Sweet Pete's Market Garden
Bedfordshire, UK 

Ben's Masterclass is my one stop shop for definitive knowledge on all aspects of modern market gardening. It is extremely clear and I heartily recommend it to all my fellow growers.



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Jim and Katie H.
Wild Canary Farm
Duvall, Washington

We raise pastured livestock, we grow cut flowers, not veg, and the lean philosophy I’ve studied in Ben’s books and through the Masterclass has universal value. We manage our business with an eye to lean thinking. The approach to systems and people resonates throughout our farm. It’s been a very fulfilling journey and gives our farm the ability, with only 3 employees, to punch well above our weight class.

3 Payments of $280: Buy Now
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